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[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h1″]Episode 004 #MankatoMediaMen[/headline]

In this episode we talk about Small Business Video Production, Snapchat, and changes to Instagram!

[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]Small Business & The Old Town Collaborative[/headline]

Otto Media Group was founded with the vision of helping small businesses and entrepreneurs flourish. That is what we are truly passionate about.  It is for that reason that we are excited to be working with the Old Town Collaborative. This is a group of true entrepreneurs looking to take their business and community to the next level. Some of the businesses that showed up to the meeting included, Friesens Bakery and Bistro, Old Town Escape, Denco Lighting, The Wine Cafe, and Curious Tea House. It was exciting to hear the ideas of area small business owners for how to improve on marketing Small Business Saturday and how to gain more recognition as a shopping hub in town.

In other news, The Coffee Hag recently won an award for the best woman run business in the state of Minnesota. So we’d like to say congratulations to both the ladeis, Jenn and Anna Melby of The Coffee Hag! We will hopefully be talking with you soon in one of our business Spotlight features.

Other small business shout outs include: Simply Delicious – The Wagon Wheel Cafe – Advisor Net Financial

[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]Snapchat Geo-Filters[/headline]

One item that we are particularity excited about in the social media realm of marketing is the Snapchat Geo-Filter. The geo-filter feature itself is not all that new, but the new accessibility on creating and purchasing those filters only came about a little over a month ago. To anyone who doesn’t know, a Geo-Filter is an image that you can place over the top of any picture you take while in the mobile application Snapchat. We see endless possibilities for these filters. Whether it be personal or professional, there are millions of potential uses for these types of filters from birthday parties, sporting events, to concerts, why not take advantage of this cool opportunity.

[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]Instagram Algorithm & Video[/headline]

Instagram changed its feed from a timeline to more of an algorithm. What does this mean for you? As a business, you need to step your game up. If you’ve been posting crap pictures you will get worse than crap results now. However, if you already have a strong Instagram game, then no worries! Instagram isn’t going to push small business out. What they are doing is helping the cream rise to the top. So what should you do? Be the cream.

Want to know how you can be the cream? Start producing video. Just like we’ve mentioned in past episodes video is the way all social is trending. That is why Instagram changed their video upload limit from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. So starting looking at how you as a small business can leverage video on Instagram to gain attention.

-Wesley W. Otto

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