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[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h3″]Social Media – Your in House Marketing Team[/headline]

Our team at OTTO MEDIA GROUP, Mankato’s exclusively social media agency, is excited to present our new blog! We have titled our blog the #MankatoMediaMen show. This video is Episode 001 where we discuss our agency, our new blog, and a social media tip on the general direction of what makes good content! As we move forward with our video blog, we are excited to work with small businesses from around the Mankato and southern Minnesota area.

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OTTO MEDIA GROUP is a unique agency that focuses on authentic content which give both current and potential customers the story behind the brands in the Mankato Community. We really specialize in creating authentic and creative content for businesses. Our model is not to go door to door selling Facebook or Twitter pages. Our business model is saving other entrepreneurs time by creating content for them. We just like to use social media as our main method of content dispersion because we believe it to be the most effective at getting in front of our target audiences.

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The show is meant to be a convenient way for our audience to digest content! We are looking to do three shows a week on various topics including small business, marketing, and social media. We hope to do business spotlights on are entrepreneurs that are working hard to make their dreams come true. Those spotlights will focus on telling the story behind the brand or individual that isĀ  providing services and products for the community. We will continue to push this through all of our social media platforms as well as through our website!

[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h3″]Why Video is Big in Social Media[/headline]

Your social media tip of the day is a general tip on what direction to take with your social media strategy. Everything online is moving from text to image to video. It is important that local businesses see this change and adapt with the times. This is the reason that we don’t just do traditional blog posts, but rather a blend of both video and written word. If you really want others to take in and digest the content you are putting out, then you need to put it into the form that is easiest for them to consume.

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